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Incite is a an Alliance guild on the Eldre'Thalas realm of World of Warcraft.

We are a PvP / Casual / Social Cooperative Play / Achievement / Leveling guild.

For an invitation, PST any member in-game.

We welcome all classes and most levels. Alts of current members are welcome to join from level 1. For new members, the first character to join the guild must be at least level 10.

Incite is recommended for mature, self-sufficient players age 16 and older. Younger players who are family members of current members are also welcome.

Incite is comprised mostly of working adults, and level 80 or higher characters.

We do not hand out gold or give loans out of the guild bank, and no promises are made as to run-throughs.

If you are prone to temper tantrums (aka nerd rage) and don't know what Google is, you may want to find another guild as most of our members have a very low tolerance for that sort of behavior and neediness.

To join our guild, whisper any guild member in-game. Any member can invite, you don't have to whisper the guild leader.

Guild Rules & Info    
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